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Why Business is Forever Changed and How This Helps the Solopreneur

As the pandemic slowly ebbs and many parts of our lives return to a semblance of normal, there’s no question that some parts of the way we live will never be the same. While some of these aspects of “new normal” will present challenges, there are others that can be very beneficial—especially for solopreneurs. Here are some ways that the business world has forever changed and why this is good news for those who work independently.

What has changed 

Even though social distancing is not as mandatory as it was during the heart of the pandemic, people are still leery about being in enclosed spaces with large numbers of people—and it’s unlikely if this will change anytime soon. Large companies are evolving to address these fears by allowing part-time remote work, instituting shift work, and working with more contract employees who never come into the office. 

How this benefits solopreneurs 

Pre-pandemic, many solopreneurs felt they had to act and look like the big companies to gain their clients’ trust and business. They didn’t feel they could create the type of business they wanted because it would be a roadblock to building their careers. Now, however, it’s the big businesses that are experiencing this problem and businesses with non-traditional aspects such as not having a dedicated office are experiencing the advantages. 

How you can take advantage of these changes

Now more than ever, solopreneurs can design a business around their preferred lifestyles and goals without worrying that it will lessen their chances of success. No longer do entrepreneurs need to create ties to a big business to be seen as ‘legitimate’. Gone are the days when they need to burn the midnight oil and buy into the hustle culture to be viewed as a hard worker. You don’t have to put on a suit and tie and drop thousands of dollars a month on an office with the right address to attract the clients you want to work with. 

Want to work from home so you can spend time with your kids? You can do that. Want to work from a different country where you can spend your free time contributing to a worthy cause? You can do that, too. Prefer to do business from a different place every week so you can explore the world while still designing a company that will define your legacy? Yep, you can do that, too.

Not only is it easier than ever to create the environment that best suits your needs, it’s also much less difficult to recruit talented individuals to work with or for you. When you put out your message and vision behind your business, the right people will find you. And without having to worry about relocating these workers to your home office, you can tap into the talent pool all around the world and create an ideal team of like-minded professionals.The only thing holding entrepreneurs back in this day and age is fear, lack of discipline, and an inability to think outside the box. If you’ve got drive, determination, and a passion for creating a business that changes lives, you’re in the right place at the right time. If you need a little boost along the way, the Profits Prophet is always here to help.

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