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Help, I’m Overwhelmed!

I’m seeing a lot of indecision, worry, and stagnation in the entrepreneurial world lately. Sure, it makes perfect sense with everything that’s going on in the world, but is it really the only reaction to chaos? I tend to think that now is the perfect time for business growth, primarily because so few people are being active in achieving their goals. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs feel so overwhelmed with stress, they simply can’t focus on their goals. If you’re feeling like this, working with a coach is one of the best ways I know to get back on the right path.

Why Being Overwhelmed is Common for Entrepreneurs

It’s not just the past few months that have been hard on entrepreneurs. This is a group of people who have historically dealt with a lot of stress and feelings of being overwhelmed. Why? Here are a few common reasons:

Too many ideas Most entrepreneurs are creative types and creative types have lots of ideas. Sometimes far too many ideas to settle on one. They start in one direction, then veer in another when a newer, shinier idea pops up.

They are masters of their craft…but not their businesses Entrepreneurs tend to be really good at working in their business and drop the ball when it comes to working on their business. Signs you’re not running your business like a business include not separating funds, working too long of hours, and not paying attention to profit.

They don’t know how to get clear on where to begin Getting started on the right path to business growth is key…but what happens when you don’t know where to start? Being afraid to take a wrong first step often leaves entrepreneurs stuck at the starting gates.

Why Working with a Coach Will Help

It’s hard to kick your own ass into gear sometimes, especially if you’re paralyzed by fear or uncertainty. Sometimes the answer isn’t digging deep or finding a new mindset, it’s hiring someone else to do the ass-kicking for you. A good inner circle is supportive and nurturing, but it’s also got to include some individuals who are ready to shake you out of your funk and be real with you. That’s where a coach comes in.

A good coach will help you get clear on where you need to start, then how to move forward one step at a time. They’ll force you to get clear on the idea you really want to pursue and help you put the piece in place to turn that goal into a reality. They’ll also help you make the tough decisions—such as abandoning a great idea in favor of the good one you’re already working on.

I often find that entrepreneurs simply need to get organized in order to feel less overwhelmed and clear on their path forward. Getting organized doesn’t mean cleaning up your office space (though that can help, too.) It means getting clear on issues like who your target market is, what your revenue and costs are, and what your business needs to make that jump from start-up to success. A coach will help you lay out the crucial tasks needed to get organized, then help you move the needle so you start getting stuff done.

Being overwhelmed is really common for a lot of us lately, but you don’t have to stay in that state. Work with a business coach or consider taking our finance course for entrepreneurs to get you unstuck and on the right road to success.

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