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How to Survive a Worker Shortage

Everywhere we look these days, there seems to be a common theme: everyone needs more help and no one seems to be able to find workers to fill open positions. This can be a scary situation for entrepreneurs, but it’s important not to have a fear-based mentality that can put you in preservation mode and prevent you from growing during perceived times of chaos. Here’s how to change your perceptions—and your actions—to not only survive a worker shortage but to thrive during one.

There are always plenty of workers for the right jobs 

The truth of the matter is, there isn’t really a worker shortage. Not if you’re offering the right types of jobs. The perception right now is that many people are opting for unemployment benefits rather than going out and getting a job. But if you’re providing an environment that is better than sitting at home on your ass, you’ll attract the people you need. It’s those employers who are concentrating on the wrong things who are having issues right now. Business owners and employers who are always trying to figure out how they can pay the least or cut benefits to the bone to increase their own profits will have trouble finding workers because people would rather work elsewhere (or not work at all) rather than be treated poorly.

On the other hand, if you are dedicated to building your business with the right people and treating them as valuable parts of your organization, you will attract those who want to work and be part of a growing team.  

Now is the time to review 

Times of chaos like the pandemic and ensuing “worker shortage” provide opportunities for smart entrepreneurs to review their business. Not only should you be reviewing what you offer your employees in terms of pay, benefits, and work environment, but you should also be reviewing what you offer your clients and customers, who your target market is, and how you can get ahead of your competition who may very well be pulling back and waiting until the crisis has totally passed. When you see this time as one of opportunity rather than one of fear, you can write your recipe for success and surge ahead while others are falling behind.

Understand what you want to attract and plan accordingly

Do you know the types of people you need to make your organization grow? Most entrepreneurs want employees who are less concerned with pay and “traditional” benefits and more interested in getting on board with a company that has the same values and is making a difference. These types of workers typically want outside-the-box perks and it’s up to you to figure out what those are and how you can offer them.

For example, if you work downtown and you find that your employees are having trouble finding parking, you may want to offer reimbursed garage fees or a daily shuttle from a remote lot. If your employees are struggling to find daycare for their young children, you may want to allow them to work remotely part-time to lessen the burden. When you provide creative solutions and offer things your ideal employees really care about (instead of what everyone tells you you should offer), you create an environment your ideal employees will seek out. 

Though there is technically not a shortage of workers for the right roles right now, potential employees have a lot of options in this type of job market. That means you need to set yourself apart by creating an environment that attracts the right people and treats them as valuable partners rather than expendable bodies. Once you do that, you’ll see that the right workers will always gravitate toward the right jobs. Want to chat more about creating a business that is fulfilling for you as well as your employees? Reach out. I’d love to talk.

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