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Growth During Chaos is Sticky

How do you handle chaos as an entrepreneur? When uncertainty erupts, many entrepreneurs take the turtle approach and pull back into their shells, waiting out the storm and hoping for a minimal amount of damage. However, it’s those that not only brave the situation but continue to push forward that fair the best during chaotic times. Entrepreneurs that continue to make efforts to grow during turbulence not only prevent losses but also create opportunities that would not be possible during more peaceful times. Here’s why growth during chaos is so sticky and how you can take advantage of uncertainty.

What is chaos?

The term “chaos” can be applied to any time in the world, economy, or even your own life when there is a lot of uncertainty. This includes economic downturns, natural disasters, layoffs, slow seasons, inflation, and, of course, pandemics. Chaos can turn the laws of supply and demand on their heads, it can change what your ideal clients want and need overnight, and it can take a huge toll on your mood and mindset. Some forms of chaos will affect the entire nation (or would), while others are limited to a certain industry or target market. Chaos, in short, is a situation that is out of the norm and spells disaster for those who don’t handle it correctly.

Why are most entrepreneurs afraid of chaos?

Although some entrepreneurs tend to hide away during chaos simply because they lack the discipline to move forward, most do so because of a fear-based response. This usually happens to those who have been employees of companies in the past and who have gone through the chaos and witnessed how it destroyed profits, drove away clients, and led to the ruination of their careers. Even if you’ve not personally been through a situation like this, it’s likely you know someone who has experienced the devastating effects of chaos at their place of employment. If this is all you’ve ever known regarding chaos, it can be difficult to adjust your mindset and realize how much potential there is during times of uncertainty.

Why is growth during chaos sticky?

So why is growth during chaos different from growth during more stable times? That’s easy: most people aren’t doing it, so you’ll stand out from your competition. For all the reasons I’ve already mentioned, most entrepreneurs are going to pull back and do damage control during times of chaos. They aren’t going to reach out to clients and try to see how they can continue to help them. They aren’t going to employ new marketing techniques to reach potential customers. They aren’t going to strategize ways to get in front of new people and adjust their offerings to better meet their current needs.

When you realize that chaos is just part of the ebb and flow of business (and the world), you can understand how putting in more during times of uncertainty will lead to exponential growth once the flow returns. Your clients will appreciate that you stuck with them during the dark times and amplified your efforts to help. Your prospects will remember that you were the only one who attempted to learn their needs and help them when chaos struck and, when times are better, they’ll turn to you to fulfill their needs.

How can you grow during turbulent times?

The main lesson here is not to freeze when chaos strikes. Realize that this is a fear-based response that is likely learned—which means you can unlearn it. When everyone else is pulling back, it’s the ideal time to surge forward. Do your market research and see what your clients or prospects need during this time. Adjust your method of contact or your marketing plans to respond to the current situation rather than avoid it. Though there is no reason to burn the midnight oil at the office every day, you can still put in some extra effort to make yourself and your business a valuable resource during uncertain times. Chaos is a time of opportunity for entrepreneurs if you view the situation correctly and adjust your actions accordingly. Want to know more about how you can increase business no matter what the current situation? Reach out to me, the Profits Prophet, to talk further. I’d love to help.

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